Primitive Percussion Youth Orchestra

The Primitive Percussion Youth Orchestra was first formed in 2014, and since then has had a rolling cast of primary school aged children. As well as working on more conventionally notated pieces, we have focused on improvisation and group composition.

Using this approach, the children develop their listening skills whilst exploring the possibilities of a variety of instruments. Traditional ideas about musical ability and whether or not a child is taking instrument lessons have never been a boundary to participation

The work the various incarnations of the orchestra have produced has ranged from exploring the idea of the Earth’s youth escaping to space to the theme for a western movie.

In 2022, the PPYO were the opening act at Tor Fest in Todmorden and they have played at number of youth music festivals and concerts in West Yorkshire.

From July 2024, it will be possible for the PPYO to manifest in schools and other youth music settings via our PPYO Workshops. Contact: for more information.