Pre-order 02/02/24, Release 22/03/24 Following 2019’s Outcrops and 2022’s Ravines, Structures is the third album in Mark’s trilogy of releases describing the geological history of the Upper Calder Valley. Where Outcrops explored the formation of the Millstone Grit bedrock 330 million years ago and its subsequent glacial scouring, and Ravines delved into the steep sided… Continue reading Structures

What Is Music?

We asked children in the school; ‘What is music?’ and recorded their replies. Then we composed this piece. Percussion, guitar, synthesizer, keyboard, drum machine and tape performed by the children of the Primitive Percussion Youth Orchestra.


snö is a 30 track compilation album from wiaiwya where every track is named ‘snow’ in a different language. My Spaceship track ‘雪’ is the first track and it’s available to pre-order now from here!